Uniqueness of Azhagi

What is unusual in both Azhagi+ and Azhagi?

A unique Tamil transliteration scheme, since 2000. It is the easiest and fastest. You can read details about this transliteration scheme here, in Tamil (தமிழில்). For an English write-up (thanks to the editor of mazhalaigal.com), explaining how this transliteration scheme is the 'easiest and fastest', click here.

What is unusual in Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus)?

A 'never-before-seen' feature by which user himself/herself can extend Azhagi+ to transliterate in ANY Tamil font, ANY Tamil font encoding. Details of this 'one-of-its-kind' feature (not available in any other software) can be read in English here and read in Tamil (தமிழில்) here.

A 'never-before-seen' font encodings converter using which user can effect conversion of font encodings directly inside MS Word documents itself (thereby retaining all the formatting [B/I/U/.../...], tables, etc.). Details of this 'first-of-its-kind' font encodings converter can be read here and video demos can be seen here.

What is special about Azhagi+?

There are a few special features in Azhagi+ out of which one feature stands out, because of the sheer magnitude of it's usefulness. This very special feature enables the user to extend Azhagi+ to transliterate / type in ANY world language (in any font encoding, in any keyboard layout), by creating an XML file by himself/herself.

What is unusual in 'Classic' Azhagi?

The reverse transliteration feature of Azhagi is unique in the kind of output it provides while transliterating back from Tamil to Tanglish, details of which you can find in ards.html

What is special about 'Classic' Azhagi?

In the same ards.html referred just above, you can find a few special features of Azhagi, like 'Dual-Screen transliteration', 'Sath transliteration' and 'Auto transliteration'.

What is unusual in Azhagi Android App?

No need to press shift key to transliterate ள், ற், ண், ஸ், ஶ். Yes, no need at all. This is a unique feature of Azhagi, even as of March 2017. For more details, please see http://azhagi.com/aa-feats.html#no-shift


All said and done, as such, there is nothing unusual in Azhagi or AzhagiPlus!!! :) Because, at the core of my heart, I do not find anything unusual in ANY entity* (softwares or otherwise). In my humble opinion, except GOD (the ultimate TRUTH), everything else is a passing show. Just temporary stuff. Things/beings come and go. Mere evanescent existence. I am sure one day some entity will come out with a software 'X' which betters the features of Azhagi/Azhagi+ and again at a later time in future, some other entity will come out with a software 'Y' which betters 'X' and so on. I am sure all the softwares I have listed at inno.html also will get developed one day and pass off one day. This is true for any field.

So, me (an insignificant entity) listing out the unique/special features of Azhagi/Azhagi+ in this page is just for your own benefit at the mundane level. Unless and otherwise I state such features prominently, users (particularly, those who are in need of the unique/special features) do not get to know them. Thus, they miss out on the opportunity to reap benefits from Azhagi/Azhagi+ to the fullest extent. Generally, users avail Azhagi (or any software for that matter) at a superficial level only, for various reasons. But, what I humbly request users is to get to know/learn as many features as possible about Azhagi/Azhagi+, if at all possible for you and if at all your time/interest/mood/situation permits. Because, if you do so, even if you do not feel the need for a particular feature, you can tell about it to others who are in need of the same so that many more of the society get benefitted. Thanks in advance.

(*) Personally, I do not consider GOD as an entity. For me, GOD is always indefinable. God is God. Also, I consider all those who have attained GOD-realisation as GOD only. Obviously.