Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) - Loaded with features Azhagi - In Wikipedia Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) is one of the two UNIQUE freewares provided by azhagi.com. Azhagi+ is sleek (< 500kb) and portable. At the same time, it possesses advanced facilities and unique features. You can create your own LFK (Language + Font Encoding + Keyboard Layout), change the key mappings of existing LFKs, have any hotkey (in any combination of Alt/Ctl/Shift/Win modifiers) for any LFK and much more....

It's unique/special features apart, Azhagi+'s primary purpose is to help you type/transliterate - with ease - in all major Indian languages: Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya and Assamese.

Sleek What are portable softwares? Portable



  • Sleek (< 500kb) and user-friendly; easy, fast, flexible, natural and intuitive transliteration.

  • Unique Tamil transliteration scheme; a clear-cut transliteration scheme for all other major Indian languages.

  • One-step process - to type in Indian languages (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, etc.) in ANY application:
    MS Word, Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Blog, Twitter, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PageMaker, OpenOffice Writer, etc.

  • Portable (no need to install; just start using straightaway in your desktop, pen-drive, etc.).

  • Any hotkey (with any combination of alt, shift, win and ctrl modifiers) can be set for typing in any language, any LFK.

  • Change existing key mappings - add, delete, modify, customize.

  • Create an entirely new keyboard layout with your own mappings.

  • Dynamic (see-as-you-type) help for all 'key mappings'.

  • Facility to type in MS-Word in WinXP even without enabling Unicode fully.

  • Support for typing in TamilNet99 mode also, in ANY application.


  • Small, Sleek and Portable (< 500kb).

  • Unique Tamil transliteration scheme - natural, intuitive, flexible and user-friendly - enabling you to type more in less time (easy and fast).

  • A clear-cut, standard and uniform transliteration scheme, for all other Indian languages.

  • Direct typing/transliteration in ANY Windows application in Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya and Assamese.

  • Typing in Indian languages in MS-Word (and MS-Powerpoint) in Windows XP even without enabling Unicode fully (i.e. even without enabling the option "Install files for complex script ..." in the control panel applet 'Regional and Language Options'). As of now, this is a unique capability of Azhagi+.

  • 'See-As-You-Type' dynamic help for all key mappings. As such, for all LFKs.

  • Two useful and powerful features:

    Indian languages typing software Azhagi+ - Unique, Natural, Easier and Faster - Sleek, small and portable  Change existing key mappings.

    Indian languages typing software Azhagi+ - Unique, Natural, Easier and Faster - Sleek, small and portable  Create your own keyboard layout.

    Yes, the facility to modify key mappings for ANY language in ANY way. 'Modify' means all four of 'add', 'change', 'delete' and 'customize'.

    And, the facility to create your own keyboard layout - that is, an entirely new keyboard layout consisting entirely of your own key mappings.

  • Incorporation to a tee, all the 'TamilNet99' specifications in 'Tamilnet99' LFKs. Details here.

  • System tray icon to indicate the language in which you are typing.

  • Option to set your own separate hotkey (in any combination of Alt/Ctl/Shift/Win modifiers) for each 'Language+Font+KeyboardLayout' (LFK) combination.

  • Option to set your own global hotkey for all combinations of 'Language+Font+KeyboardLayout' combination.

  • Various other options to customize your experience of operating Azhagi+.

  • Note: You may perhaps find the facility of having both a global hotkey and also a specific hotkey for each LFK (language+font+keyboard-layout combination) quite unique to Azhagi+. So too the facility to have not only individual function keys as hotkeys but any combination of Alt+Ctrl+Win+Shift (with enough no. of modifier suffixes) as hotkeys.


  • Download link for CURRENT gpr (general public release) version of Azhagi+ is available in the home page of azhagi.com itself.

  • Download links for BETA versions of Azhagi+ are available at sbetas.html. Earlier versions of Azhagi+ can be downloaded from here.

  • Very Important Note on the above downloads:
    • If you are using WinXP/2K3 and if you are getting only squares when you type in Unicode in MS-Word, then it means that:
      • You are using the portable version of Azhagi+.
      • Unicode is not enabled fully in your WinXP system.
      In such a case, you have to necessarily download 'AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe' and run the same. Then, you will not see squares. Suppose you are in office environments where execution of 'AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe' is not allowed in your system, using the portable version is your only choice then, naturally. In such WinXP systems, you cannot type in MS-Word/Powerpoint alone (i.e. in other applications, you CAN type), if not Unicode is already enabled fully in those systems.

How to operate?

  • Please visit oper-plus.html for step-by-step instructions on how to install Azhagi+, how to operate it and for many other important info.

  • For answers to certain specific questions/doubts, kindly visit helptips.html and support.html


    (Note: The screen snapshot below is that of Azhagi+ 10.23)

    A unique Indian languages typing software - Azhagi+

  • A tabulated list of differences between Azhagi and Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) can be found here.

Benefits [when compared to Azhagi]
  • Small size
    Extremely small download size (< 500kb - the whole of Azhagi+ zipped, as of now). Though this is only of academic interest in these days of high speed internet connection, it might be of help still, in certain areas and certain circumstances. Also, it might be a matter of certain interest for tech'people, as well as certain users.

  • Portable*
    What are portable softwares? What are portable softwares? What are portable softwares?
    No setup.exe needed. Extract and Run. That is all to it. This means, apart from running from your usual computer systems (desktops, laptops, etc.), Azhagi+ can be run even from your pen-drive, external HDD (and similar devices) and thus carried with you wherever you go and straightaway used in whichever system you come across. No prior installation is needed. This portable nature of Azhagi+ enables one to use Azhagi+ in such office environments too where executing 'setup.exe' of any extraneous application is not allowed.

    The portable version of Azhagi+ can be downloaded from here.

    (*) If you are not conversant with 'PORTABLE' softwares and wish to know more about them, kindly please click here.

  • Any hotkey can be set
    User can set any hotkey (e.g. Alt+1, Win+F10, Ctrl+Shift+3, etc.) and press the same to put Azhagi+ in 'Direct Typing' mode. Hotkey is not limited to 'F10' (F11 and F12) any more. So, problem with F10 (F11 and F12) hotkey becos of 'Fn' key in laptops is solved for ever.

  • No need to enable Unicode
    With Azhagi, in Win XP/2003 alone, you have to enable Unicode fully (and also add an additional keyboard) in order to type in Unicode Tamil (Hindi, etc.) in MS-Word/Powerpoint. This is not required in Azhagi+.

    Using Azhagi+, you can straightaway start typing in Indian languages in MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint in WinXP systems even without enabling Unicode fully. Please note that for this feature to work, you have to install Azhagi+ using the regular AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe and NOT the portable version.
    Note: In case of the 'portable' version of Azhagi+, in WinXP systems, you cannot type in MS-Word/Powerpoint alone (i.e. in all other applications, you CAN type), if not Unicode is already enabled fully in those systems.

Portable Softwares (and their immense benefits)

Free Portable Softwares
  • No installation needed
    A software is "PORTABLE" means you need not install the software in your system (by clicking any setup.exe file) - in order to use it. You can straightaway start using it, even without installing it in your system.

  • Just unzip (extract) and start using
    For e.g. "Portable" Azhagi+ means, you can just unzip* the downloaded "AzhagiPlus-Portable.zip" to any directory (say "C:\PortableApplications\AzhagiPlus") and straightaway start using it by clicking "C:\PortableApplications\AzhagiPlus\Azhagi-Plus.exe".
    (*) If you are NOT tech-savvy about zip files and the operations of zipping, unzipping (extracting), etc., you can read some tutorials on the same. There are lots of them available on the net. You can read the one which suits you. As for me, I found this tutorial (with screen snapshots) on unzipping/zipping to be very lucid and easy. If you wish to use a software for trying out unzipping (extracting), perhaps you can opt to try out 7-zip. It is a 100% free software for one's zipping/unzipping needs.

  • Use from pen-drive in office environments
    Since AzhagiPlus is portable, you can carry it in your pen-drive (or similar device) and straightaway start using it in any system. No installation needed to work with it in any system. This is immensely useful in office environments where execution of 'setup.exe' of extraneous applications is not allowed in employees' systeme. In such cases, one can plug in one's pen-drive into the system and start using Azhagi+ straightaway (if you already have 'AzhagiPlus-Portable.zip' unzipped to some directory in your pen-drive).

  • Testing out is just a snap
    Portable softwares (for e.g. please see portablefreeware.com) have become immensely popular nowadays since they remove the great hassle of installing an application first in order to work with it and then again go through the process of uninstalling it when you do not require the application. In case of a portable software, installing and uninstalling is just a snap. For e.g. if you wanted to uninstall a portable software called 'xyzxyz', you just need to delete it's directory. That is all to it. For e.g. if you unzipped 'xyzxyz' to "C:\PortableApplications\xyzxyz" earlier, in order to uninstall it, you just have to delete the directory 'xyzxyz' (i.e. 'C:\PortableApplications\xyzxyz') under "C:\PortableApplications\".

  • Same settings - Anywhere Anytime
    With portable softwares, the various settings you effect to customise your use of a particular portable software remain the same in whichever system you use that software. That means, you can straightaway start using your portable software with the same settings, in any system. In non-portable softwares, most often this is not the case or most often it is not as straightforward as in the case of portable softwares.

  • No trace, Increased productivity
    Portable softwares do not leave any trace in your system when uninstalled (unlike in the case of the non-portable softwares, some of which may leave traces of them in the system registry and other folders even after uninstalling - which in due course may lead to your system slowing down or your system storing unaccessed/unused files, unnecessarily). Further, if you carry your portable software always in your pen-drive, then any system is not even aware of your software, unless and until you access your software from the pen-drive plugged into that system. Thus, with portable softwares, Everything becomes plug and play, with increased productivity and ease of use.