Important Notes

1. The instructions given in this page are for Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) and NOT for Azhagi.
2. Azhagi+ and Azhagi are 2 different products, as such, considering the program interface and features provided.
3. The differences between Azhagi+ and Azhagi are at diffs.html.
4. If you are looking for operational instructions for Azhagi, kindly please click here and do not read any further.
5. 'LFK' refers to "Language + Font + Keyboard Layout", wherever it appears in this page.
6. So as to read answers for certain specific questions/doubts, kindly visit helptips.html and support.html also.

How to install Azhagi+ after downloading it?

System tray icons of Azhagi+

How to type directly in Tamil (Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.) in ANY application?

Important tips on the above 'one-step' process

F10 (or F11) and it's global use

Specific hotkey for each LFK

How to set/change the hotkey for any LFK?


Key features

What is in the offing?

English to Tamil (Hindi, Malayalam, etc.) Key'mappings

LFK - what is it?

How to change (modify/add/delete/customize) the key mappings for any LFK?

How to create and add your own keyboard layout (LFK, as such)?


How to add your own fonts [even custom-made] and start typing in them?

Creating websites in Tamil (Hindi, Malayalam, etc.)

More free Tamil fonts

More free Indian language Unicode fonts

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