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Non-phonetic keyboard layouts of Azhagi+

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1. Tamilnet99

    • ALL keystroke sequences (as specified* in the primary specifications page) for Tamilnet99 keyboard layout have been incorporated in Azhagi+ 10.17 (in the LKF 'Tamil+Unicode+Tamilnet99'). To a tee#, the Tamilnet99 specifications have been incorporated in the aforementioned LFK. No modifications (additions/deletions/changes) to the Tamilnet99 specifications have been made in this LFK.

      (*) If the Tamil letters in the 'primary specifications page' are not visible to you in Tamil, you need to download and install 'TAB-LFS-Kamban' font in your system. However, this page - - explaining the Tamilnet99 specifications as part of a FAQ, is in Unicode.

      1. I believe so. If you feel otherwise, kindly please let me know via email. I will strive to do the needful at the earliest, after a careful examination of your remarks/suggestions.
      2. Please note that sooner or later, I plan to release an entirely new and separate keyboard layout named User99 (or User2012) - which will be based on the fundamental Tamilnet99 specifications but with some extended keystroke sequences.
      3. This abovementioned 'User99' keyboard layout is specifically for Tamilnet99 users who had expressed their wish to have certain additional keystroke sequences (for e.g. facility to type Tamil numerals) or for Tamilnet99 users who had expressed their wish to not to have certain key stroke sequences (e.g. 'Automatic Pulli' feature).
      4. This approach ensures that the Tamilnet99 keyboard layout of Azhagi+ ever reflects the original Tamilnet99 specifications. This, in turn, ensures that users of Tamilnet99 keyboard layout of Azhagi+ always type based on the original Tamilnet99 specifications and not based on some modified version of the same. Further, this approach would also facilitate smooth and easy incorporation of extensions (if any) brought about in the Tamilnet99 specifications in the future, by authorities in charge of the same. I am hopeful that Tamilnet99 enthusiasts would appreciate this approach. If anybody has any suggestions/comments on this approach of mine, kindly email me the same.

    • Please see:

    • To type online in Tamilnet99 input mode, please visit Facility to download this editor and use it offline is also provided.

    • For more detailed information and help documents, please see

    • Please note that all of the links which you find above are links to pages in external sites.

2. Tamil Typewriter Old

3. Inscript