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Love All Serve All . Help Ever Hurt Never . Remember - Our Duty is to do good to Humanity . Hands that serve are Holier than lips that pray


lokahitam mama karaṇīyam
A beautiful Sanskrit poem below whose translation is what you see on the right.

manasā satatam smaraṇīyam
vacasā satatam vadanīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam

na bhoga bhavane ramaṇīyam
na ca sukha śayane śayanīyam
aharniśam jāgaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||1||

na jātu duaḥkham gaṇanīyam
na ca nija saukhyam mananīyam
kārya kṣetre tvaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||2||

duaḥkha sāgare taraṇīyam
kaṣṭa parvate caraṇīyam
vipatti vipine bhramaṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||3||

gahanāraṇye ghanāndhakāre
bandhu janā ye sthitā gahvare
tatra mayā sancaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||4||


Remember - Our duty is to do good to humanity
Translation of the beautiful Sanskrit poem on the left, hereunder.

Let us always remember,
Let us repeatedly speak out:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not focus on material pleasures
Nor lay in the lap of luxury;
Let us be awakened always that
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not enumerate our sorrows
Nor constantly reflect on our happiness
Let us step up to take action:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us sail over oceans of misery,
Let us scale mountains of difficulty.
While roaming through the jungle of adversity,
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Be it a dense forest of extreme darkness
Or surrounded by kith and kin
When we travel these paths,
Our duty remains - to do good to humanity.


Love All Serve All
Help Ever Hurt Never
Love Help Love Help Love Help Love Help Love Help Love ... .. .

Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can
- John Wesley

உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து நன்மைகளையும் செய்யுங்கள்
உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து முறைகளிலும் செய்யுங்கள்
உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து வழிகளிலும் செய்யுங்கள்
உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து இடங்களிலும் செய்யுங்கள்
உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து நேரங்களிலும் செய்யுங்கள்
உங்களால் முடிந்த அனைத்து உயிரினங்களுக்கும் செய்யுங்கள்
எத்தனை காலம் வரை முடியுமோ
அத்தனை காலம் வரை செய்யுங்கள்
- ஜான் வெஸ்லி (John Wesley)


मधुबन ख़ुशबू देता ह
Madhuban Khushboo Deta Hai
Our lives are meaningful only if we share our joys with others, serve others and help them flourish.

Thanks in Tons to:

Roman Script
Madhuban Khushboo Deta Hai, Saagar Saavan Deta Hai
Jeena Uska Jeena Hai, Jo Aauron Ko Jeevan Deta Hai

मधुबन ख़ुशबू देता है, सागर सावन देता है
जीना उसका जीना है, जो औरों को जीवन देता है

A garden gives fragrance. An ocean gives rainfall.
Only he lives who infuses life into others.

We should help others selflessly, just like the oceans give us rain and air helps us breathe. Likewise, only that life is worthy which infuses life into others, without asking for anything in return.

Roman Script
Sooraj Na Ban Paaye To, Ban Ke Deepak Jalta Chal
Phool Mile Ya Angaarey, Sach Ki Raahon Pe Chalta Chal
Pyar Dilon Ko Deta Hai, Ashkon Ko Daaman Deta Hai
Jeena Uska Jeena Hai, Jo Auron Ko Jeevan Deta Hai

सूरज न बन पाए तो, बन के दीपक जलता चल
फूल मिलें या अँगारे, सच की राहों पे चलता चल
प्यार दिलों को देता है, अश्कों को दामन देता है
जीना उसका जीना है, जो औरों को जीवन देता है

If you cannot become the sun, be a lamp.
Whether you get flowers or embers, continue walking on the path of truth.
Love expands our hearts, it offers comfort to tears.
Only he lives who infuses life into others.

If we cannot shine as brightly as the sun, we should shine gently like a lamp. In other words, we should not wait to do something big for others; even small acts of kindness are helpful. This line reminds me of a saying by Martin Luther King Jr: “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Roman Script
Chalti Hai Lehra Ke Pavan, Ke Saans Sabhi Ki Chalti Rahe
Logon Ne Tyaag Diye Jeevan, Ke Preet Dilon Mein Palti Rahe
Dil Wo Dil Hai Jo Aauron Ko Apni Dhadkan Deta Hai
Jeena Uska Jeena Hai, Jo Auron Ko Jeevan Deta Hai

चलती है लहरा के पवन, के साँस सभी की चलती रहे
लोगों ने त्याग दिये जीवन, के प्रीत दिलों में पलती रहे
दिल वो दिल है जो औरों को, अपनी धड़कन देता है
जीना उसका जीना है, जो औरों को जीवन देता है

The wind blows gracefully, so that everybody may continue to breathe.
People gave up their lives so that love may continue to thrive in our hearts.
Only that heart is worthy which shares its heartbeat with others.
Only he lives who infuses life into others.

The last stanza has two inspiring examples of selfless service. First consider the wind, the sun, the air, the earth — these are bounties of nature that seek nothing in return. Then there are martyrs who sacrificed their lives to uphold principles of peace. They died so that love may continue to thrive among those who live. With our hearts full of thankfulness for both nature and fellow humans who have done so much for us, we must serve others.


மனிதன் என்பவன் தெய்வம் ஆகலாம்
மனிதன் என்பவன் தெய்வம் ஆகலாம்
மனிதன் என்பவன்..... தெய்வம் ஆகலாம் வாரி வாரி வழங்கும்போது வள்ளலாகலாம்
வாழை போல தன்னை தந்து தியாகியாகலாம்
உருகி ஓடும் மெழுகு போல ஒளியை வீசலாம்

ஊருக்கென்று வாழ்ந்த நெஞ்சம் சிலைகளாகலாம்
உறவுக்கென்று விரிந்த உள்ளம் மலர்களாகலாம்
யாருக்கென்று அழுதபோதும் தலைவனாகலாம்
மனம் மனம் அது கோவிலாகலாம்

மனம் இருந்தால் பறவை கூட்டில் மான்கள் வாழலாம்
வழி இருந்தால் கடுகுக்குள்ளே மலையைக் காணலாம்
துணிந்து விட்டால் தலையில் எந்த சுமையும் தாங்கலாம்
குணம் குணம் அது கோவிலாகலாம்

My own translation:
A man(human) can become God.
A man can become God.
If he(/she) keeps giving to others without any restraint, he can become a supreme philanthropist 
He can give himself entirely to the society like a Banana tree which is wholesomely useful
Like a Candle, he can melt himself completely, in order to give light to others

A heart which beats and lives for others can become revered statues one day
A heart which is open to embrace all can become beautiful fragrant flowers
When one cries seeing the suffering of any living entity, he can become a leader
Such an heart, such an heart can become a temple

If willing, deers can live happily in birds' nests
Paving a new path, you can find even a mountain inside a mustard seed
If you dare, you can withstand any load on your head
Such virtues, such virtues can become a temple

For alternate Translation:

Just sharing hereunder my own words which I quote often in my posts/answers/etc.

அன்பே சிவம். பணிவே சக்தி.
பணிவே சிவம். அன்பே சக்தி.

Love is God. Humility is Power.
Humility is God. Love is Power.

"Everyone should act up to the motto: Help Ever, Hurt Never. Every educated person should engage himself or herself in selfless service to society with humility and a pure heart. All academic distinctions or even observance of spiritual practices are of no use if there is no love in the heart. Love and compassion are inherent in every person. Each has to share this love with others. Failure to share one's love is gross ingratitude to society, to which one owes everything. One should give one's love freely to others and receive love in return. This is the deep significance of human life." (Source: Click here)

I love the Clock Analogy given here and strive to act as per it, as much as possible. i.e. keep ticking on with your work - tick tick tick tick tick tick (like the second hand of a clock which is usually hardly noticed and not given much importance) - so that the minute hand (Bakthi) moves after a while, which results after quite a long while in the movement of the hour hand (Atma Viswaasam - Self-Confidence), and thus ultimately leading to SELF-REALISATION.

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