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Superfast Tamil transliteration

Superfast transliteration in Tamil via 'அழகி - ஒலிபெயர்ப்பு' keyboard. SHIFT key NOT needed to type ள், ற், ண், ஸ்!!!!! Other Tamil keyboards supported: Alternative transliteration (எழுத்துப்பெயர்ப்பு), TamilNet99, Typewriter, Inscript and Compact.


23 languages, Voice input

Voice input. Typing at it's easiest best - in Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. - in 23 Indian/World languages - Tamil, English, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Sinhala, etc. Multiple keyboards - Phonetic, Inscript, etc.


Never-before-seen features

My Windows freeware are sleek and small, yet power-packed with features, some of them being special or unique - viz. change existing key mappings, create your own new keyboard layouts, transliterate in ANY Tamil font, etc. You can read all about such unique features here.


Install Azhagi App for Android

Install from Google Play Store

How to install and use?
Features list - Click here
First release: v12.27
License: 100% Free

Voice input. 23 languages, multiple keyboards. For Tamil, please remember to select 'அழகி - ஒலிபெயர்ப்பு' keyboard (during or after the installation), to transliterate in the superfast Azhagi way. Else, choose 'எழுத்துப்பெயர்ப்பு' keyboard.

In any case, step-by-step instructions are provided here for the entire installation process. Even if you are savvy, I suggest you read these instructions fully and act accordingly.


Download Azhagi+ for Windows

Download AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe

How to install and use?
Features list - Click here
Version number: 10.40
License: 100% Free

16 languages with multiple keyboards, by default. But, you can easily extend Azhagi+ yourself - to type in ANY language-font-keyboard combination.

Well, some people prefer to download the setup file in zip format. For them alone: 'AzhagiPlus-Setup.zip' Download

And, there are some 'optional' downloads too - Classic Azhagi, Portable Azhagi+, Fonts - here.


Azhagi - For iPhone, MAC, Linux, etc.?

Please do fully read this section.

As such, Azhagi for other platforms (like MAC, Linux, iPhone, Windows mobiles, etc.), does not exist, as of now.

However, there are means by which you can make Azhagi+ and Azhagi (for Windows) work in MAC and Linux, which is what has been explained here.

For instance, you can install classic Azhagi or Azhagi+ under Wine (winehq.org) environment in MAC or Linux and start working in them.


Optional free download 1 - Portable Azhagi+

Please visit steps-portable.html or steps-in-tamil-portable.html to avail your tiny portable Azhagi+


Optional free download 2 - Classic Azhagi

Please visit oper.html to download classic Azhagi (i.e. old Azhagi) and enjoy it's features.


Optional free download 3 - Hundreds of fonts

Please visit freefonts.html and unicodeff.html to avail 100s of free fonts in exquisite styles.


16 languages

Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Sourashtra, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Devanagari, Grantha

Multiple fonts/keyboards support for Tamil

Azhagi+ supports typing in the following Tamil font encodings and keyboard layouts.
Tamil font encodings: Tscii, TAB, TAM, SaiIndira, TamilBible, Bamini, Vanavil, Shreelipi, STMZH, LT-TM, Gee_Tamil, etc.
Keyboard layouts: Transliteration, UserDefinedPhonetics, TamilNet99, TamilTypewriterOld, Inscript, etc.


Azhagi+ is a supremely easy, fast, unique and feature-rich transliteration software. Primarily it helps one to type in 16 Indian languages* but it is easily extendable by the user himself or herself to type in any other language of the world too. Typing can be effected directly in any Windows application by the simple press of an hotkey.

Azhagi+ is sleek and portable. It is very small (less than 750 KB) yet power-packed with innovative features.

Azhagi+ has possessed the fastest of all Tamil transliteration schemes, ever since its inception in 2000. You can quickly extend Azhagi+ to transliterate in any Tamil font by using a never-before-seen feature. You can easily extend Azhagi+ to type in any language+font+keyboard combination by availing a very special feature. You can very well change the existing key mappings, have custom hotkeys to toggle between languages, utilise an in-built font viewer, avail a first of its kind Tamil font converter which is extendable by the user himself/herself and do much more...

(*) Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Sourashtra, Assamese, Devanagari and Grantha. Multiple font encodings and keyboard layouts are supported for Tamil.

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What's so unusual about Azhagi?

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Story of Azhagi

Click here to read the story of Azhagi's evolution.

Media reviews

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Classic Azhagi

Azhagi Facebook Group & Page

The best way to contact me is through Azhagi Facebook Group. It is a public group. So, anybody can read the group's contents even without joining it. However, to post your queries, you have to join the group.

'Azhagi Facebook Group' is not only a dedicated support forum for Azhagi but an informational forum too - on Azhagi and other Indic softwares.

There exists Azhagi Facebook Page also. However, to get your queries answered, kindly always post your queries in Azhagi Facebook Group only. I will promptly help you out. Support (too) is 100% free! :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The helptips.html page answers very many frequently asked questions by users (e.g. How to type in Photoshop/PageMaker/etc.?, How to type in MAC/Linux?, F10 key is not working in laptop - What to do?, How to type க்‌ஷ்?, How to type subscripts/superscripts?, How to publish books in Tamil?, How to effect reverse transliteration?, How to do inter-language transliteration?, etc.)